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Sunday, May 25, 2014

He doesn't need me anymore...

Two of Garry's five pizzas
This week I have told Garry that he must not need me anymore because he posted a of photo of the homemade pizza he made for pizza night on Friday on facebook. He had people (I believe some guys helping out on the farm and Maria) in to eat it and watch Wonder Woman (the pace of the show is good for English learners and if you don't understand the English Maria does some translating, and the action is easy to understand anyway!)

This morning he phoned here at 6:30 am to ask where the Certo was....he had bought strawberries after church (it's almost 3 pm there) and was trying with Maria's help to make jam. He called back because he had not found it yet, and where were the jars? No phone call again yet, so hopefully he found it now, and the jars I had stashed under his dresser (wait until that new cupboard is moved into the house- then I'll have a place to put things like that, Garry)

Lucky for me, I am needed here to get our house ready for the wedding and to plan the pre-wedding BBQ at our house, somehow rehearsal dinners in our family have morphed into outdoor farm parties with me making the food. I do like to cook for a crowd...planning to make some Ukrainian salads this time.

Yesterday I was finally getting started on my other pre-wedding project, tiling Micah and Crystal's bathroom shower. I am the tiler at our house, and I do bathroom floors, and kitchen back splashes for the kid's houses when they are remodeling. I need to pick up a couple things in Winnipeg after church so I can finish it though, and then it can be grouted in the middle of the week. They have painted the walls and redone most of the floors in the house they will be moving into, which is on the property of the "buffalo farm" the boys bought last year. Garry always said someday we would raise heifers over there.

By the way Garry says he does need me, he had to make his own pizza! Looking forward to his arrival  next week, although time will fly in the two weeks we are home, as the last weekend we are in Chicago for another family wedding

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