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Monday, May 12, 2014

Update from Garry

John seems to be relaxing 
Garry emailed me some photos of what has been happening this week. There doesn't seem to be any of the inside of the bathrooms, however, I understand that he and his brother finished tiling in the bathrooms.
 John flew out of Dnepro on Sunday afternoon, as scheduled I assume, however I have not talked to Garry in a few days.
They did have one excursion on Thursday, sailing on the Dniper River in Zaporosia with Maria, who had contacted some sailing clubs to find a boat to rent. She uploaded some photos to facebook. John and Garry both enjoy sailing, He told me it was fun, with lots of wind (when we sailed with her in Egypt there was no wind.) Maria seemed to think that made it a it scary, so I assume the guys had fun.

I got this message from Garry-
"Here are some photos of the septic system, well drilling, and the alfalfa; we are over half done planting with around 300 acres of corn and 100 acres of sunflowers planted.  If it stays dry we should finish next week and get started on the hay."

The well drillers

Digging the septic tank

The guys he hired to help with the barn and field work started digging a septic system (with shovels)for the barn this week, and the well drillers came. He decided it would be easier and less expensive to drill one near the barn than to hook up to the old system near the pond., which was used to get water to the barns in their previous life as collective farm. He told me that their equipment looked similar to what is used in the well drilling projects in Bolivia.

You can see how fast the alfalfa is growing with all the rain this spring, here is a photo I took last Sunday morning before I left, and one John took later in the week. Looks like plenty of hay for the first cut, anyway.

Sunday May 4th

less than a week later!

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