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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Busy, busy

Garry and Maxim Rudei  in the wheat field this week
While I continue to keep busy here in Manitoba, Garry has been busy in Ukraine, trying to get lots done before he flies out of Dnepropetroesk on Friday afternoon. He won't get to Winnipeg until after midnight Saturday night/ Sunday morning, so don't start phoning yet.
Garry throwing bales up from the wagon to the hay mow

They are hoping to finish baling hay today, Garry said that there were a lot of bales breaking at first, but the mystery was solved when he found out that the guys had set it for a lower speed (540 instead of 1000) because they thought it would be easier on the machinery. He said it was quite hot loading them into the mow and that he had a couple guys that plan to attend the trade school helping out.

Tuesday they chased about 30 big heifers over the to the corral that is finished by the trade school barn. The pens in our barn were overfilled with animals for the last two years, since Garry had started buying heifers so they would be ready when the trade school barn was... and then it took much longer to do than hoped!

They made these nice gates for the corral

These are pregnant heifers that will live in the new barn

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