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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Ocean Between Us

I am in Manitoba, while Garry is still in Ukraine. He is still hanging out with his brother and they are hoping to go sailing on the Dniper River on Thursday, but now they are busy tiling the showers and bathroom walls. Tuesday while I was just trying to function on no sleep (I arrived at 1 am and slept from 3 when we got to the farm until 5:30 am) they were trying to get tiles to stick to the walls behind the toilets and sinks, grouting the shower floors, today they were going to do the shower walls Apparently the tile adhesive is a little thin, they have to hold them there for a couple minutes so they stay on. They bought white tile after dropping me off at the airport on Sunday afternoon.

Garry bailing milk out of the car
Sunday morning was exciting as we had another milk flood in the van when a valve opened on one of the jugs on the way to church. The only time it has happened before in the new vehicle, I had milk over my feet in the front seat, this time it was Garry who got wet. Sadly it was about 15 litres of milk, Garry cleaned the car out some after we dropped the milk off at Victor's church and then washed it when they got home. Lucky for me, my suitcases were up on the middle seat next to John!

Doreen with Pastor Andrei saying she is his "mother in Christ"
One of the highlights of my last church service in Ukraine was a special prayertime to send off Doreen Bauman, who is retiring from missions at the age of 72. She had returned to the mission field four years ago and was working in Kramatorsk (yes the city in the news) teaching English through Bible study, she had to leave the city a week before her classes were scheduled to end, so she missed saying goodbye to all her students there. However, she began working in Ukraine in Dnepropetroesk in 1994, and many people in the church attended the English Bible studies in her apartment and came to the Lord through her. She was flying out yesterday and will be returning to the Vancouver area.

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