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Friday, May 23, 2014

Crop update

Garry Verhoog

Garry's facebook status on Friday! A summary of spring planting and field work:

Garry Verhoog
400 acres of corn planted and 200 acres of sunflowers, 50 acres of alfalfa, 25 acres of sudan grass and 25 acres of forage sorghum, 130 acres of wheat out in head, 25 acres of alfalfa mowed.. Now back to work on the milkhouse and barn

He plans to sell the grain wheat, bale straw, and bale hay of course. Hopefully there will be enough rain this summer to keep the corn growing for silage and grain corn to feed the cows for the next year, and sell some too.

Garry says the farmers tell him that out of ten years in our area, you will get as many, if not more, (drought) total disaster crops as bountiful crop years, so they're happy to get one of the seven years of average crops when there are a couple thundershowers in June or July to keep the crops growing. Two years ago we had the disaster year, you might remember.

I remember him saying this spring that the forage sorghum seed was very expensive for two tiny bags, they chopped some last year for a farmer to make into silage... it was a very thick crop. The sudan grass will be for green-chopping to feed to the cows this summer, since it grows even when there isn't much rain, like the summer normally is in our area. It really grows when it does rain; even if the plants look dead, as we saw during the drought year. We would drive past a brown field of sudan grass on the highway that summer on the highway and when the rains came in the fall, it turned green and grew like crazy, so Garry planted some last year (and this year!)

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