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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Haymaking Manitoba style

the merger, it puts 8 swathes together to chop
Well, Garry will be here in nine days I think, our son's wedding is two weeks from today. He and his brothers were able to finish up first cut hay before the rain came early this evening (so far not much rain has fallen here.)

I have some photos for Garry to enjoy that I took Friday evening when I went for a ride along in the cab of the big chopper. The boys are buying two new trucks for doing haylage, but they won't be in until next week, so they were using three old ones.

lots of haydust flying

The trucks drive beside the chopper until they are full

the trucks dump the haylage here to get packed into the bunk
Noah was driving this truck, full and heading back to the barn

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