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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thursday in Zaporosia

Thursday was a day off from work, we went to tour Zaporozhe. We left in Victor's van and went to the Island and climbed the hill and saw the dam in the distance. Then we went into to the museum.

 Garry joined us there, he had taken the car and looked at supplies for the ceilings.

The museum has even more English signage than the last time we were there. There are displays showing the history of the area. Ancient people, Cossacks. Russian, weapons, clothing, icons and even a little Mennonite display.

display hall


Afterwards we were going to go downtown to a store with Ukrainian crafts, then lunch at a Ukrainian cafeteria style restaurant. We ended up all in Victor's  van when the car wouldn't start.

Downtown ...firstšŸ˜†coffee time, then souvenirs

 After lunch we walked around an outdoor market. Victor had to go to sell milk, so we hired a taxi van for the rest of the afternoon . We went to some parks and the Dniper river.

team photo

Carol looking over the highway  

MIcah, Maria, Crystal and Roy

One last stop at Mc Domalds before the driver took us back to the village... and yes- the team ordered their own food!

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