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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Crystal hard at work
Today the Steinbach team was excited to get started on the inside walls of the house- what they came to Ukraine to do.

It was raining in the morning and rained hard when Carol and I arrived with the coffee and cookies... well us and Nikolai and Sasha arrived. The boys had been feeding the cows behind our house and caught up with us as we walked to the house where the construction is happening, and insisted on carrying all the bags.

Neil had to oil wood by himself today
The girls were gone today, out of the village, so no one to paint the cabinet parts with a sunflower oil product... except Neil.

Neil painting in the rain
After coffee time it was raining, so AJ came back to get some raincoats with me when I went back for some paper for the outhouse. He got to see me wipe out in the slippery mud as I went behind the car in our driveway.
finishing one wall
it's wet

even the camera lens as the steel is delivered

lunchtime inside today... soup and sandwiches

Sasha helped cleanup after lunch
After lunch Saturday the weather improved enough to put the rest of the roof on, and the guys had the framework finished and ready to go.

Did I mention I fell in the mid again? This time over there just before lunch, luckily only damaged my pride and dirtied the seat if my jeans!
we need another window

Jack and AJ on the roof

while great progress was made in the house

while Neil was still working his paintbrush

we need some wood up here

I didn't have to cook dinner so I went back after five and got some photos as they were getting close to finishing the steel. As you can see, there were a lot of guys on the roof and just as many working at ground level or in the house.

We were invited to MaxRudei's house at seven pm for an authentic Ukrainian dinner cooked by his wife Yulia and her mother, it looked like a holiday, there was so much food on the table. The team really enjoyed it many of them found foods that they knew , the same ones made by Mennonite relatives.

a photo of Jack taking a photo of neighborhood kids

our son Micah and his wife Crystal

Crystal working in a tight spot

a little insulation needed

Almost done! If you are wondering, someone measured a little wrong, and so the peak of the roof will be finished in blue and yellow steel next week... like it was planned that way.

Ed helping Neil with installation of the workbench

Neil found some old wrenches and decided that they could be made into handles for the work bench. Here's Max getting ready to weld bolts onto them, and telling him he'll have to buy them new ones to use.

A neighbor who stooped in asked Max where the angle grinder was after seeing the handles, I don't know if they are amazed or horrified by the handles!

Neil's masterpiece almost finished

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