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Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday night

Saturday night and Easter Sunday kind of ran into each other due to a lack of sleep. Since the concrete had arrived much later than planned- Garry had wanted it for 10 am, they said they would deliver it at one, then called to say 40 minutes late... the first truck arrived at 3 pm and they were finished pouring at 5 pm. There was just enough concrete to fill the form, luckily, Garry says he always forgets that the rough cut boards here are bigger than the ones at home, 2x4s aren't 3 1/2 inches high, but 4 ... or more.

Before dark he went to buy gas for the power trowel Victor had rented and brought out that afternoon, the same one we rented for the BC team to use last year. You may remember that they were up until 2 am running it last year to finish the milkhouse/classroom floor. Around nine he went over with Max Boradin to try to smooth the floor. Poor Max was just in bed, but Garry needed someone to help carry the machine out onto the cement pad.

They were back rather soon, and then Garry took a nap, my job was to wake him up in and hour and half. He woke up an hour later, having had a bad dream... he had slept in and the floor was hard already and fill of bumps. Of course that had not happened, but it was 11 pm so I went with him to help carry the machine, he said it likely wouldn't be ready, but this time it was dry enough to work, so he went over the whole piece until 12:15, when we returned home to let it dry more, while he had coffee.

An hour later, we were back, this time I brought my embroidery project and worked with the dome light of the car on, while Garry worked with the headlights pointed at the concrete and that very bright spot light you see the the photos I took at eleven. He took his winter mitts this time, although it did not get below freezing that night, his hands needed some padding for holding the handles of the machine. One third of the floor was ready to work, most of the rest was a little too wet yet, so he stopped at 2:30, to return home again, this time for food. There was leftover pizza from Saturday night's dinner.

He would kick or throw little stones off as he was working, because they would cause the machine to dig a hole in the floor he'd have to work back smooth. I told him to stop tossing them at the car, as they were bouncing off it, and he wouldn't want to break a headlight or something.

all that's missing is the yellow mitts he wore the rest of the night
We returned between 3:30 and four am, in the hope that the rest of the floor would be ready to work. and Garry went at it until five, when he declared he would return when it was light for another try. We finally went to bed. I woke up, saw it was light out and woke him up... apparently it was 6:30. Garry got dressed, Max Boradin was making coffee, and told Garry that Max Rudei had made him help carry the machine and put it into the house there for safekeeping. Poor Max, Garry had him go with him to carry it back out, so he could do it again. I went back to sleep until eight. It still wasn't as dry as Garry would like on the last part they poured, he got Max Rudei to give it one last go around ten in the morning, after we left for church.  

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