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Sunday, April 26, 2015

back to work

                                                         Friday was a busy day, after the day off for us and the students, there was a push to get lots done on the last work day for the entire team. I didn't get any photos until afternoon coffee time, because I sent Carol and Crystal with the morning coffee; and forgot the camera when I brought the pot full of pizzas for lunchtime.

finally warm outside... and not raining!

one more wall to drywall
Eugene was leaving Saturday and he was really wishing to stay, he really enjoyed working with the students and he wanted to share his story of faith with them. Victor translated.

the students were sorry that he was leaving, too
The tram came back to the house after the village cows came home (first day out for the herd) for the second big meal of the day, shislik cooked outside on a fire. It was nearly hot all day, but a cool breeze had us heading back to the warm house after eating for coffee and games and planning where to go for those who were taking the Mennonite tour the next day with Victor.

Carol taking pictures of the cows

that cow has been in the herd for eight yeats

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