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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

and they kept going... and going

Tuesday was a very long day, the team and some of the students worked until dark. I had phoned Garry when dinner was ready at six pm and was told that they would eat when it was dark, they were building trusses and the crane was due at noon Wednesday to lift them up onto the walls. I walked over to take some photos, after putting the salad in the fridge and the spaghetti in the oven to stay hot.

building trusses

two Kolyas hammering up top
Garry and Neal went into Zaporosia after dinner to check for some tools Neal wanted for his cabinet making, but no luck finding them, so he had to work with what he brought with him.
moving finished trusses

 A new day ...

 When I brought coffee Wednesday it was nearly 10:30 and they held off on refreshments as they raced to finish the last trusses. They were using adhesive the team brought, but had run out of nails for the air nailer and everyone was pounding nails, screwing screws and gluing at once, as fast as they could... and bending nails, too.

moving the last truss onto the pile

and over

and do the other side

Neal working on cabinets
The crane arrives at noon

and the truck with insulation and more to unload

first truss went well

the wind and rain was trouble

luckily no one was hurt, and everything stayed up

after dinner
between truss #1 and the next photo, I drove into Dnepro to the airport, picked up Eugene, Micah and Crystal (our son and daughter in law) and got some groceries. Micah and Eugene walked over to see if they could help after carrying in groceries and suitcases and  changing clothes, while Crystal gave me a hand with dinner.

 Garry called it quits for the day, they will hire the crane for tomorrow too, it was too difficult to do in the rain, so they had to wait for dinner when they came in at five pm tonight

Garry left for the airport shortly after seven to pick up the other four team members from Steinbach, our home church, it 10:10 and I am expecting them any time, the beds are ready.

And they are here!

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