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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The cement came!

Since it hadn't arrived at two, I had gone home.

At three o'clock I walked outside and discovered the van by the barn. Karina was washing it. I asked Max Boradin if he drove it home, but he said Garry did and walked back.

Polo followed me as I walked up the street saying hello to the goat lady, first time I've seen her out with her herd? flock? this spring. Lots of new little ones. Some were climbing up on her lap.

 Polo walks right by at my heels like a good dog, past the geese and goats as the yard dogs bark at him.

Finally I was rewarded with some cement photos, because there it was when I turned the corner. While I was there some man wanted Garry to go bred his cow immediately, but Garry told him he'd have to wait a while.

Max Rudei at left

Garry showing the girls what to do 

on the other side now

the babushka next door watching from her yard

Yulia and Nastya at work

ready for more

The man who wanted his cow bred
 and other passerby watching from the road

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