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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BC team arrived!back to work

Here we go again, as the team of four guys arrived Monday evening on the flight from Kiev. Once again we raced to the city to get them at the airport along with Victor, since Garry had to go buy a new water pump for the house late in the afternoon. We replace the pump about twice a year, it seems, and usually on a day we are way too busy.
 He went into Zaporosia, bought the pump and the plywood needed for building trusses on Tuesday, which he had cut in half to fit in the car, and raced home to quickly unload it while Max Rudei took care of the pump replacement, and then I jumped in the car and we zoomed off to Dnepropetrovsk to Victor's home to unload the cement power trowel so he can return it today.

After a stop at Mc Donalds because the guys had not eaten, we got to the house with all 12 of their suitcases, which they carried in and unpacked tools and things, sorting out what goes here and what goes elsewhere on their trip. Jack actually dug through one suitcase to find packages at the airport as relatives of people in Canada had met Victor there to pick stuff up. Soon they had it all organized, although we had to wash some stuff because one suitcase had a bottle of carpenters glue spill on things when the lid came off. No huge amount of damage done, however.

The shop is being built behind the new group home

Students nailing together the third wall
Valera keep working at coffee time
The guys were up for breakfast at 6 am, even though it was about midnight when they went to bed. They loaded up the tools and were off to the work site around seven, and got rained on almost immediately as there was a downpour. Since then the weather has been periods of cloud, sun and sprinkles, mostly.

Garry and the students and a few of the guys who work on the farm had built two walls Monday, because he was worried about the weather forecast. Wednesday is the only day not calling for rain. They were unsuccessful in getting them up, but no problem today, with the Canadians here, by lunchtime there were three walls up.

coffee and cookie time

Jack trying to get the water off the floor

Garry and Karina cutting boards

back to work, Sasha kneeling hammering
Here are are few pictures I took of them and the students working when it was coffee and lunchtime and I went down. Max Rudei was off with the car at lunchtime to buy (order, pay for) the steel for the building so Garry sent four students to carry lunch down, as you see. They have hired a crane, it's coming at lunchtime tomorrow to put the trusses up.
Neal is dry  inside the house, working
 on building cupboards for the shop

Karina and Valera carrying the soup pot

She wasn't sure about posing in her messy clothes

Stop working, time to eat!

Jack and Kolya, old friends catching up over soup

Still lots left!

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