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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Frantic Friday... and pizza too!

Friday was get the roof on day. Garry started his day by driving a prospective group home parent to the train station, leaving the village at 5:30 am. Everyone else started the day around the same time with oatmeal plus at 6 am, followed by devotions, and off to the job site around 7 am.

Look they even brought a chain saw!

Max shows Valera how to do it
The day was dry, I even did some wash for the guys and got it dry out on the line, although I kept an eye on the sky, because there were a few dark clouds that went by!
Steinbach guys helped with cabinets again

Carol wasn't feeling well in the morning, so Crystal (our daughter-in-law) helped with lunch and dinner prep before heading to the house, where she, with the help of Yulia (and Nastya after she finished her shift on the barn) brushed a protective oil onto the cabinets for the tools... until they used up all 18 liters of stuff.


 I pointed out the boards with nails in lying on the ground were dangerous, then they worked on cleaning up the site, since there wasn't more of the stuff to buy in the village. There was a lot of debris, construction and otherwise.

Mmmmm, pizza, too!

Carol felt better in the afternoon and was back washing dishes and floors, after I had messed them up making my surprise pizza for lunch, which a big hit with the students. I tricked them into eating leftovers before I got the nine pizzas out of the car, saying I had forgotten to bring the juice.

 I had to bring a couple slices for Nastya later, as she had gone straight there from the new barn at one o'clock without getting any lunch! That girl has real dedication.

Let's get this done!

Accidentally deleted the better picture of Garry and Micah

Neil did get his shop cabinet construction finished, so it is out of the house, and the Steinbach team will be working on the interior of the home now.

The day didn't go quite as well as hoped, but the wind that had been blowing so hard for the last two days calmed down enough to work with the metal roofing. The added wings they put onto the shop has slowed them down as they had to finish them before screwing down the steel, but they did get one side of the roof on by the time dinner time rolled around... around 7 pm.

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  1. How did the crews like working with unplaned, green full dimension lumber. The green is the worst part.