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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Working on the new farm shop

Garry wearing Valera's sunglasses
Today is concrete pouring for the new shop, they are doing the pad it will be built on. Jack, AJ, and Neal from last year's building team and one new guy will be arriving Monday evening from Canada to build it. Maxim Rudei and the rest of the tractor driving/fixing team are very excited about having a shop.

Garry was very excited to not have to cut wire to tie the rebar this morning. Last night when we stopped at the building supply store Epi Center, he was excited to see "the new product" they had in. He bought two devices to put them on with and a big package of the wires.

The first cement truck was supposed to come at 1 o'clock, was delayed to 1:40. Garry took me on a crop tour in the car at 1:25, I waited a while after we got back, but still no truck so I walked home. Maybe they are pouring now, I'll check in a while. Here are some more ready waiting to pour cement photos.
Julia walking across the driveway

a difference of opinion on how to dress today
Garry built more saw horses

Valera and Kolya looking tired

They got more slag delivered for the driveway today, with more to come this afternoon. They are blocking off part of the road everyone drives, unless its wet to not go on the cobbled road. We'll see what happens... someone may hit it some dark night with a little Lada. We may need reflective signage.
I'll go check if the truck is here yet.
The driveway is built over "culverts" in the alternate road

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