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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Monday... goodbye and goodbye again

Another cup of coffee?
Monday morning Jack was up early trying to make coffee, so I jumped out of bed to start on breakfast, featuring oatmeal. One last very full table ! After breakfast, we had a good devotion time led by Eugene before the van was packed up. The guys even insisted on cleaning the summer kitchen before leaving, even stripping the beds (it's Wednesday and the sheets are still not washed, I'm waiting for dry weather so I can hang them outside).

The Steinbach team started walking down the street to the house, after a number of farewells around 7:40 am to get started on another day of building walls.

Finally Jack took a quick look around for forgotten items, and the last suitcase was squeezed in the back of the car. Victor drove off (if you are wondering where the big blue van is, it needs a repair, so they were in the mission car) for Kiev... with a few stops planned along the way. Including one just up the street for a last team photo... or a few.

Bill, Neil, AJ and Jack 

Garry really likes the workbench that Neil designed
  • and then they were off  to visit orphanages, while the Steinbach team, Garry and the students got to work.
Garry and some of the boys got some steel onto the front of the shop. They were waiting on the delivery of more steel. Garry decided to finish the roof in plain steel, and was looking into getting a yellow and blue overhead door.

Meanwhile the Steinbach team were busy in the house building the walls with metal profile.

coffee time again... the students enjoy bonding with the teams over coffee, tea, cookies and the candy the students give them to try.

Garry got a phone call late that morning... Jack was missing his suitcase, the one with his passport!

Since they would be heading back in the direction of Dniprepetjisk, we were supposed to find it and meet them with it near the big bull statute on the highway. By the time they finished at the orphanages, it was late afternoon and Garry drove it there along with a few tools they planned to take back to Canada and had forgotten to take with them. He had to wait a little longer than planned because Victor had been stopped by the police. We had finished dinner when he got home, but he did get some chicken and dumplings.

Some of the team went to visit the girls group home that evening, and enjoyed their time there. They took some more of the donated shoes that they brought in their suitcases to give away. Two of the girls had come to our house late that afternoon and were excited to chose new shoes.

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