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Thursday, April 23, 2015

walls and insulation

Which reeboks to choose? The rest of the boys got shoes
He finally chose the white ones

Wood for the kitchen wall

cutting again, insulation dust makes the flecks

putting up drywall

always drama...

After lunch, the car was back, and I took Crystal and Carol shopping. When we got back around 4:30, the guys and students had made great progress in installing electric lines and drywall.
no car, we have help carrying the soup and sandwiches


busy boys

A little fun, too 

Garry made some stilts for the kids to try

Kolya and Valera are actors and carpenters


Wednesday was for more wall insides, electric and plumbing and piles of insulation, this is going to be a quiet and warm house!

unlocking the door

everyone wear a mask please

Julia dove right into insulation

soup and pigs in a blanket  ...time again ?

Garry and Micah Verhoog... the girls can't believe how much they look alike.

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