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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Maria and Neil
Sunday the BC team had decided to go to church in the village. Maria was just getting home that morning from a trip to Odessa, so Garry and Neil went to pick her up at the train station in Zaporozhe. Neil was wanting to see his Marie, since he hasn't seen her this trip and he and his wife had become her friends last year, and he was leaving the next day.

She hadn't slept on the overnight train but managed to stay awake and translate for the teams, since the Steinbach team went too. Eugene said that he didn't recognize Karina, one of the students, she looked so different from working.

After lunch at noon, the B C team went back to work on the shop. They didn't quite finish the shop, but they got a lot more done before they had to leave Monday morning. The Steinbach guys napped or walked or helped with the shop or all three. I took advantage of all my helpers to get a nap and woke up at 3:30! The house was quiet , it seemed everyone was gone so I decided to get the coffee going and hang the wash I'd started before my nap.
The sun was shining, but as I opened the door I decided that the sky had some very dark clouds, and I took the basket back inside. While I was hanging the clothes inside , I thought that it was raining really hard and opened the door to see. Small hail was bouncing everywhere followed by a downpour.

I wondered if anyone was caught in the storm?
I took the coffee down to the shop where they were happy to see me. Everyone was pretty happy, Maxim was excited about the new wrenches Neil had bought him, Garry and the whole  BC team was pleased with the progress that was being made, Neil was happy that the vise was firmly attached to the workbench, Jack was excited because we finally had the thick cream he wanted for the coffee and tea, AJ was a little upset when Bear snagged the half-eaten cookie  from his hand, but the dog was quite happy; Maria was awake and seeing what everything looked like, Micah and Crystal were happy that they had walked to the shop and not around the village like Roy and Carol..

I went back home to start dinner and the sun was peeking out of the clouds once again. Carol was changing clothes since they had gotten wet walking around the block when the storm started.

I made a nice dinner since the four guys would be leaving in the morning. We ended up with Maria on one living room couch and Victor on the Mennonite bench overnight, he had come so they could get an early start in the morning. Everyone enjoyed a last evening together, the Steinbach team played games and Garry took Jack and the guys down the street to say goodbye to the students, before they worked on organizing and repacking their suitcases.
A little late, the afternoon photos
Carol bribed me not to use the one after she got caught in the rain...
raining again

why am I in the photo?

Whom ate the cookie? not me...

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