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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Still here (my trip to the dentist, not for the faint hearted reader)

Sorry about not writing, been staying in bed mostly, resting like I'm supposed to. Garry had a followup dentist appointment on Thursday and I decided to have a tooth that started hurting last month looked at. I had decided not too when I was first sick, before the mono was diagnosed  but it was starting to hurt more than my throat. The dentist looked at it and decided that wisdom tooth had not just lost the filling, but was cracked, so it had to come out. She proceeded to close her office up and go with us to a specialist to get it pulled. It was hard to find the street the office was on, turned out it was like an alley between apartment buildings off the main street on the other side of the river. He froze it with some Novocain and proceeded to pull. It come out in three pieces, none of which contained the roots, so he had to drill and wedge an awl like thing as they came out tiny piece by tiny piece. More needles went in as the freezing wore off where the tooth had been (not my tongue or lip of course). At one point he asked Garry how old I was, saying no Ukrainian woman who had children had teeth this hard with 2 cm roots! Eventually he got the last bits out and we were off toward home, with a prescription, which turned out to be amoxicilin  (that I had the mono reaction too) I thought maybe we shouldn't take it for three days as prescribed, they could chose something else, but they decided when Victor called that it could wait until my followup appointment on Saturday.

Thursday night I barely slept, propped up and waking up choking on blood oozing from under the gauze I kept changing. It closed up Friday around noon, no more blood and slept pretty good that night, even past my every 4 hours Advil time.

Yesterday they looked at it said it looked good, but then wanted to freeze it and clean it out. I said what, no freezing, I hate needles. So they compromised and put some stuff on it for 10 minutes. Garry looked too, and said it wasn't red but there were two little white spots they were worried about. Victor said they were worried it didn't bleed enough. So now if I complain, he says you wouldn't let the dentist do what he wanted. The pain is less today, honestly my sore throat hurts as much and that is the mono, and my tongue, which got abraded while he was digging. I have decided to live dangerously Sunday morning and take the antibiotics, in hopes it keeps the dentist away, and keep rinsing often with salt water. Staying in bed again today, resting, hopefully I will be feeling good next week. I am better this week, but still tire quickly... and my mouth hurts.

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