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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Back in the village

Not missing the hospital at all. The doctor said I could go at noon at 10:30 am and I packed up my stuff and carried it out to the landing where visitors are allowed and waited for Garry, who was on his way and we were heading down the stairwell by 11:00.

 I am not missing this blanket at all, Garry was wondering why I requested a sheet from home on Monday, it was to go between me and this wool blanket!

 I hung out at the mall in the food court while Garry went to the dentist. He is getting yet another root canal done, maybe a cap, I'm not sure yet, maybe he isn't either.  KFC strips and fries for lunch, way better than the soup for breakfast (I was not as intrigued with the cream of wheat chicken soup with flecks of grated carrot as I was when I first encountered it when I screamed in my head when I swallowed).
Or the soup for Thursday's lunch which I thought tasted off, and from the diarrhea I have been plagued with since about six hours after I ate it, I really think the chicken in it was bad.

We made it home to the village after a traffic police stop... Garry forgot to turn his lights on, the traffic cop tried for a bribe, but eventually he gave up when Garry told him we worked with orphans, and we were on our way. Since then I have spent almost the entire weekend in bed resting, apparently it takes a long time to get over mono, and it is so much easier to rest in my own bed!

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