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Sunday, February 1, 2015


I will write more soon. Garry has been busy, so there are some stories to tell. I think that I'm finally getting over being sick. I went to church with Garry today, although my throat is still sore.

It has been raining all weekend, the cistern is full of mostly soft water for a change. In winter we use well water and it's very mineral laden. The glasses are turning white, we bought salt for the dishwasher, the dishwasher and my skin will enjoy the break.

The snow has melted except for the bigger snowbanks on the edges of the highway and piles in the city. The yard is extremely muddy. The wind is really blowing tonight, so you'd think it's a winter storm on February first, but even though it's supposed to get cold, we have had temperatures around 10 C or around 50 F.

Garry's been driving all over, last night he took the male students to Zaporozhe for an outreach ministry with a band that they enjoyed in the fall. He went to Dnepropetrovsk yesterday for a new motor for the milk pump, it was throwing sparks when they used it to filling containers for the milk buyers. They pump milk out of the valve at the bottom of the tank with it instead of scooping it out of the top, which can make it too creamy and leave skim milk to sell to the next buyers. On Fridays the milk truck comes and buys and had complained about getting low fat milk. We need to keep him happy, because we're going to have milk to sell the truck in the spring when the other buyers can't take it all. Right now there's 800 liters a day, we used to make 400 and it will continue to go up, with more fresh cows and heifers to come.

For everyone who asks about the babushka next door, she is still doing well. She recently told some Jehovah Witnesses who came to her door, that they didn't need to tell her anything because she had a nice young man next door who tells her all about Jesus. Our Maxim Borodin, of course, who's always ready to give her a helping hand.

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