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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hi there!

I have been putting off a blog post, since I started the week feeling a little under the weather, but I am going to write one anyway, since I have been getting sicker instead of feeling better. Nothing drastic, just a bad cold with a sore throat, and a fever that keeps popping back up.

While I have been doing the minimum, Garry has been keeping busy, even doing the cleaning this week. Yesterday he got everything cleaned up nicely after lunch (after cooking I took a nap) and then mixed up some plaster and went to work in the the hallway by the door on some holes and cracks so he can repaint the hallway when it is finished. The hallway floor has a little white powder on now, but I am sure it will be lovely when he's finished.

Tuesday he went to Zaporosia to finish the documents on the house he is buying in the village to remodel for a group home this spring (he is looking for people in Canada who want to be on a team to work on it, too.) Then he went with Victor and  Maxim Rudei to the firm that made the freestalls and framework for the milk parlor, they needed to get some different clamps to finish the parlor, the ones they had leftover at the end of construction were the wrong size.

Three years ago when we looked at the free stalls, Garry had seen a hoof trimming stall similar to our original low tech one in Canada for sale. He was wondering if they still had it for sale for the same amount of grinva, and they did. Like the house it was less than half price converted to US dollars, from two years ago.

Click this link to see the original factory tour post.

The hoof trimming stall was delivered Wednesday (I'd have photos if I felt better) and after a few problems with set up (there are a few things he needs to get fixed to make it work better) he gave it a try with the old hoof trimming blades he brought from Canada from the boys. Unfortunately, he took a chunk out of his thumb, and had to wash it and wrap it up in gauze in the bathroom (I slept through it) but I saw a few smears of blood around the sink when I woke up.

Today the giant gauze bandage was gone, (the cut is rather small for all that blood) and he trimmed up three more cows' feet... apparently the head gate is not self locking, so twice after they finally chased a cow into it she raced out the other side. I guess that is one of things that needs fixing. He did have to repair the side grinder that the blades go on after the three cows, the cord had a patch in that managed to short out and blow the breaker in the house. Twice. Now it is is shorter but safer. He hopes to go all the way around the barn fixing cows feet up in the next weeks.

WE got mail today! or maybe yesterday, because it was all wet in the mailbox and it rained yesterday. A Christmas card/letter/thank you from our son's family. Apparently Havilah's favorite thing for Christmas was the Olaf (snowman from the Frozen movie) hat I crocheted her.

Well, my fever seems to be back, so I guess I will take another nap.

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