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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Normal here in the village

Yes, the height of excitement this week was getting the car back, which let us drive places at night in the fog- a special kind of excitement for me, trying to decide whether to sit in the front seat as usual, since the seat belt won't pull out of it's holder since we returned, or the back seat, which has no seatbelts either.

Actually we did do some other exciting things, like teaching for a second straight week to even up with the group home parents who taught their classes the first week of January, and so
I'm looking forward to "relaxing" next week (they had taught two straight after we left before the holiday break.) Look for a post on the "bird's eye blog" about our pizza party last week. Some of the students are doing better in class even English!

Garry and Maria (Masha) with a little help from me, did the 1000 piece puzzle I bought him last Christmas, they finished it on Wednesday since we were expecting the Rays of Love team from Kirvoy Rog, and Daryl (our boss) here overnight on Thursday and I thought I would need to used the pull out couch. However, we only had six people instead of the nine I was planning on, so it would have been fine. We picked up some card board today and he has glued it down and I'll have to find a place to hang it (which is why I only buy him 1000 piece ones with Farm scenes!

Our guests arrived Thursday as classes were finishing at 12:30, and after a lunch of soup and cake, they headed out on a walking tour of the farms and group homes with Garry and Maria (wearing boots and plastic bags over shoes, since the warmer weather meant melting snow and puddles). One of the Ukrainian girls on the team knew two of our students from the orphanage, Garry told me. They didn't return until around five, when Garry drove Maria home to the city while I made pizza. Afterwards they played a -new to them - game Garry's friends had sent us from Steinbach until 11 pm, when Garry and Daryl went to bed. The girls enjoyed it so much that they played for two more hours!

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