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Friday, March 4, 2016

Busy week

This week has not slowed down any since Monday when we taught our "trade school kids" and then went to the city and visited with some English classes. Tuesday we were at home after teaching, I went to bed early, but Garry stayed up watching a movie. Wednesday night it was Dneprajisk for an SEI follow up class, Thursday night Bible study in Zap, and tonight the followup group in Dnepro. We are using stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul for these groups now and they are good for discussion and talking about life and English, too.

Of course, Monday through Thursday we had classes to teach this week, starting at 8 am until about 5 most days with a couple hour lunch break. Maria stays with us this week and every other week when we are teaching, so she can translate for Garry. She is a busy lady with all the students looking for her attention for some reason or another. Thursday we switched classes around, they taught first and English was last for the year one students, so Garry and Masha could drive into Dnepro to meet with a potential new student, Losha, who came today to try us out for week. They had to be back at one for the staff meeting with Victor and the group home parents. They were 15 minutes late, but I slipped out early to walk to the classroom in the light rain to teach my English class at 2 pm, so they could take over at four.

Friday we have  no classes on the week we teach, they do have them Friday on the alternative week when the group home parents teach. Today Garry and the boys were working in the rain until 5 pm to make the well at the new building site, because the guy who owns the drilling rig wants it back. It was a muddy job, but they will put the pipe in and seal it up tomorrow, because they finished it.

Tuesday evening the three of us went to the boys house for dinner, Kolya was making chicken with cheese and pineapple for us. He was already making it when we got there, shortly after 5 pm (yeah, I know I said we stayed home Tuesday, but we just didn't leave the village), Garry enjoyed playing ping pong with some of the boys for a while.

 While the chicken was in the oven Kolya played an easy match against Maria, in other words he took it easy so it was more even. They served us tea and cookies, as an appetizer.

Kolya playing Maria

Everyone was having fun, they played  a couple rounds of Avenger  UNO before we ate the chicken. Garry voted for 20 more minutes the first time it came out of the oven. 

Now that looks done! We each had half a piece  with ketchup... well every one but me had ketchup and mustard and horseradish sauce.., and bread.

The boys were excited about the meat. They did have trouble finding enough plates, until I reminded them about the plastic ones I brought from Canada, and the forks, They found them in a cupboard over the oven.

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