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Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday pics of work on house

I did walk down and take some photos of the work progress today, as promised. The weather this week will be mild, the grass is turning greener along main street in the village, and all of the crocuses are up poking through the dead leaves and blooming at the end of our driveway.

 Garry even planted spinach seeds in the garden today.

green grass

 I took the bucket off to take a photo of the well the guys drilled with the hand drilling rig on Friday (there are photos on the other blog of them using it at the girls' house). They have been busy digging a trench at the boys' house recently to make their water systems automatic like the new house. They need to get it finished so they can shower! The girls' house was updated already, they had been carrying in drinking water from a storage tank at both houses since last year, when we started using well water for washing and flushing. The well water has a high mineral content here in the village, so it's not very good for drinking, we purchase drinking water.
the septic system being dug by Andrey, vet student
and Kolya today

Alina, the other vet student cleaning bricks
The well is done and the guys are starting on the septic system hole. Our two visiting vet students were helping out, Garry thinks they are trying to pay for room and board.They are both studying English, but he talks more.
Garry busy as always

Students Vika and Valentina hard at work shoveling out broken bits
Our students are being paid for extra work at the new construction, when they are free from household chores and classes.

Garry plans to go to work on the addition to Luda's(the girls') house when his dad and brother arrive next week. Unfortunately the long term weather forecast is predicting slightly below freezing temperatures then!
Max Rudei's youngest brother Artom is staying with him and working too

As I approached the house I noticed bricks coming out the window...

bricks are flying out the window
One of the students, Oksana and Karina, Sergey's older daughter, who is off school for tomorrow's holiday, were cleaning up the interior bricks in the front room.
bricks are flying inside too from Oksana and Karina's hands

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