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Sunday, March 6, 2016


No rest for the weary as they say, after a full week of teaching and running about, our weekend has been busy too. Friday night we brought our two visiting vet students back with us, they will stay until at least Tuesday, when Garry plans to have an AI (artificial insemination class) for the students that they would like to sit in on. Tuesday is also International Women's Day, so today I was buying gifts for all the females who work for us and the students.

Saturday we woke up to steady rain in the morning. It slacked off as the day went on, and Garry had his student crew busy finishing the well at the new house reno- which the kids are calling house 4 to eliminate confusion, since everyone still calls the last house the new house. They also got more of the debris from brick wall demolition cleaned up. I did not get any photos of the work these last days because of the rain, and a slight tummy ache I had yesterday, but I will get down there Monday, I hope.

In the evening we had the first meeting of Student Church, go to the other blog (click on the bird photo) to see some pictures I took. Afterwards, Garry and I headed to bed by nine pm.

Sixty-thirty this morning Max was at the door, someone in the village needed help with a calving cow. Garry was gone for more than an hour, the cow had been calving since 5 pm the night before, the head and feet had not presented, he was able to finally get it out, by reaching in and finding the head and then the feet and getting them into position, but of course the calf was already dead after all that time.

Garry was pretty tired and sore by the time he got home and put on his morning coffee to perk and wishing that a) Micah was here already, because our son is really good difficult calvings,(He, his wife and Garry's dad and one of his brothers are arriving on March 16th) and b) someone had not lost his chains for pulling calves, because the rope they used in its place broke while they were trying to pull the calf out. He said it wasn't that big a calf, so if they had called him sooner (last night) it likely would have lived.

Then we were off for our normal Sunday, church in Dnepro, Garry teaching English class while I walked around doing my shopping with Julia, one of our students who came with us today. We had to stop and buy a water pump on the way home, because the one at the new farm quit working, Max called Garry when we were driving to the class from church.

When we got home, Garry talked with his vet students about some sick animals and possible treatments they wanted to try, and then while he was singing his newest favorite praise song over and over, a lady called who wanted a cow bred, (he had forgotten she'd called while he was teaching, and he'd told her he'd be there after 6 pm) so he's been off doing that for the last hour, while I've been typing!

It's 7:45 and Garry is sitting on the couch working on the graphic (student work schedule) for the week.

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