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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter... or time change day?

Here in Ukraine we will not celebrate Easter until May, since the country uses the Orthodox date, so our family visiting will miss Easter this year. They were hoping to see what Easter was  like here, so yesterday I followed a recipe for paska bread, I made it in muffin pans so we could have little ones for breakfast. A couple broke when I was getting them out, so i gave Garry a piece and he said it tastes just like it. Not sure if that's a good thing, because he doesn't like paska bread.

I boiled a couple eggs to put the plastic wrappers I found when we went to the market on, so we have some decorated eggs, too.

However, just as we were going to bed, someone messaged us on facebook that time would spring forward overnight! So our guests get to do that twice. To top that off it is snowing outside this morning, for the second Sunday in a row.

Last night I put the chocolate covered Jelly bunnies Crystal found at the village store yesterday with a little candy I had brought from Canada for Easter into bags for everyone, and we will be off to church in less than a hour, so hoping we have a good day, we'll be exploring the city after lunch, hopefully not in the snow!
I like peeps and there are two mini eggs in each. 

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