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Saturday, March 26, 2016


Friday turned into a strange day, and not just because our daughter-in-law Crystal slow-cooked the cow tongue she'd been brining in the fridge all week. Everyone who ate it enjoyed it and said it didn't taste like any cow tongue they had eaten before. I am told you could taste the pickling spices it was soaking in, but looking at it makes me remember my teenage vegetarian period when I didn't want to eat my pet steer who'd gone in the freezer.

Tom (Garry's brother) didn't try any either, he had toast after going to bed when they came back at noon from working on the addition. They had gotten some work done, but it was cold and windy and he'd thrown up. After soup and/or chili for lunch, Garry admitted he wasn't feeling great either, in fact, everyone but Grandpa, Garry's father, took naps. He watched some NCAA basketball, and wished he could get back to work, in spite of having a cold and being 84 years old!

They did get the windows installed yesterday and are working on finishing the roof and siding.

Luckily we had no plans for the evening, and played some cards, after tongue and coleslaw,  before going to bed by ten o'clock, except me, I waited for Masha to come in, she had gone to a seminar on sexuality from a Christian perspective with the students, Max and Victor drove them, they are on the way back now for today's Saturday session from 10-5.

Today everyone seems fine, and Garry commandeered a tractor and wagon to drive down the street to work on the addition. It seems a little drizzly but warmer than yesterday. I'd better get to work on lunch or dinnertime, I guess you'd call it.

Our family will be missing out on Easter tomorrow, since we celebrate it according to the  Orthodox calendar in Ukraine, and it will be in May this year, when they are back home. Once it was the same day, usually it's a week or two off the rest of the Christian world. I am thinking of trying to make some paska bread, so they can experience a little Ukrainian Easter on the day they will be missing their Resurrection Sunday.

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