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Friday, April 1, 2016

Trip to Kiev (part two)

When I left off writing last night we had just come down the inclined railroad, bought a few things at a street market and gotten into two different taxis to head to the monastery. We sent everyone else in the first taxi we found around 4:30, and luckily we found another slightly more expensive one shortly after and they were waiting when Garry and I arrived.

We paid for entrance to the territory of the monastery and headed in the gates. We were wandering about reading some signs with English on them when Garry went off the find the underground "caves" with the relics of the monks in. He found a lady who spoke English and we ended up with a tour of the area, although the caves are closed at 4 pm daily, (make a note of that for next time) we did find out a lot about the monastery's history and what happened in the Soviet era when it was turned into an anti-religious museum.

near the entrance

belltower on right 

Afterwards we caught a bus, with advice from our guide, then headed for the Metro, but  changed our minds and went for dinner. We had some nice Ukrainian food, and enjoyed the company and ambiance and then went down the two long escalators for the deepest subway station and headed back to the train station, where we tricked Garry's Dad, who wanted to head for the hotel with Tom, into coffee, ice cream with waffles and a couple more rounds of the card game at KFC before picking up the luggage and seeing them off in a taxi. I assume everything went fine from there, except our return trip on the late night train ... more on that in part three, I guess. Another late night Friday, with a trip to Dnepro this afternoon/evening after the guys spent the earlier part of the day getting ready to pour cement tomorrow (for more on that click on the birds for the trade school blog.)

Garry giving the taxi driver directions to the hotel in Borispol.

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