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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Supplies are here, team is on the way

Here is a more "normal' blog post for my readers (Garry told me it was a weird post yesterday).

Garry's building supplies arrived this morning and I got a few dozen photos of them unloading. The rest of the day was spent shopping, Garry even shopped at a roadside market for a few dozen tomato plants for the garden after stopping to fill up the gas tank on the way to Dnepropetrovsk.

Marking where the walls and doors go

Back of the house

Valera and Nikolai are leaving us soon

We had a bite to eat for lunch at Puzata Hata- the small one upstairs at Metro- and then Garry and Ray shopped for doors and things for building, while I loaded up three carts full of food and other necessary items at Metro for a team of ten guys this week. I was done and waiting to check out when they returned  from the building supply store.  Hopefully I remembered most of the stuff I'll need for cooking. The team will arrive at the airport in Dnepro around 1:40- after church Sunday. Victor will drive them out to the village in the blue van.

This evening we went to student church, which was all in Russian, except the students sang the songs we've been practicing in English.The choruses are much louder than the verses, however.  Garry understood most of the sermon, I understood parts of it, and poor Ray enjoyed the company and experience and touring the boys group home.

Well I think that there will be enough stuff to keep the team busy on Monday...

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