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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sunny day

The sun came out this morning and dried up all... well a lot of the road anyway, the land will take a few days. The guys were quite pleased with the dry, mostly sunny day. Once again they were getting a lot done, and I even got photos. This morning Garry had me set up coffee time on the front steps.

 As you can see tiling was being done in the other apartment today (#2) and the bathroom floor in the other (#1) was finished. They were even trying to install a shower, I still need to tile the walls in that bathroom.

Garry and his helpers got a lot of the ceiling hung today, he hoped to finish, but its close to being done, at 7 pm they were working in the storeroom.

 Jack laid laminate in the main room of the "annex" or apartment three, and by evening he and tractorist Sasha had done the floor for the bedroom in the front apartment.

Jeremy the speedy electrician

Hi Victor!

Peter hung the last door today, he's here for one more day of work
before flying home to Steinbach

Today's soup was made by Kolya at the boys' house, impressing Jack, who has know him since he was a small child in the orphanage, It was Ukrainiain chicken noodle with potatoes and carrot flecks, everyone agreed it was very tasty.
What do you see in the photo?
The lights are on! Still plugged into the extension cord from the neighbors, though.

Coffee anyone?

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  1. Wow just wanted to say great job on the house everyone what a team effort!!!! Teresa great job on the blog and keeping everyone informed how things are going God bless!!