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Saturday, April 23, 2016


This morning Garry took the departing members of the team, Chris, Wes, Wilburt and Carl; on a field and group home tour after breakfast, which was a half hour later than normal. They stopped to take a picture by the house before he drove them to the airport. The other five members of the team were hard at work, Carol once again took over house and cooking duties so I could tile. Peter was the first one to the work site and he and Roy and Doug were busy finishing the drywall at apartment three, when I arrived. Peter hung another door today, too.

I had an assistant this morning, Julia, she was getting pretty fast at buttering tiles before lunch time, but she was helping with milking at one o'clock.  The bathroom is not quite done, but I hope to finish Monday morning, so I can be done before team three arrives that evening and I go back to cooking and cleaning (Carol, Roy, Doug and Marcie leave Monday afternoon). Marcie worked at the work site in the morning, but decided to help Carol in the afternoon. They did a lot of cleaning, made curry for supper and washed all the sheets from the empty beds so they are ready for the next team.
Just need to finish the wall between apartments #1 and #2 now

This afternoon Roy and Doug worked on moving some of the materials around and closing up the wall between the classroom and apartments that had been open for moving drywall and stuff around. Garry was off to order ceiling materials and something else and he picked me up the 8 decorative tiles I asked for, but it looks like I should have asked for nine. At least the high part for the shower is finished now, it took a while to cut the tiles for around the post in the back corner where the shower will be.

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