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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday already?

Eugene and Leila
Some of the guys on the team were remarking on how fast the week is going. Of course most of them are here for two weeks, but Eugene is flying out on Sunday afternoon, and he will have a hard time saying goodbye to his friends from last year again, and the new students, too. Last night he walked Julia home after milking, which is about 2 kms each way, since he had to come back home again in the dark.

Goodbye! Have fun!
Today was a short work day, they stopped shortly after noon to come back for lunch (leftovers instead of the usual soup and sandwiches- I am getting a day off- time to clean things up a little and relax while they take a trip to Zaporozhye with Garry and Max until after dinnertime). I got a few photos when I took coffee now around ten. It was still misty out then, but by the time they got home for lunch the sun had come out, today's load of laundry is out drying on the line.

Sasha really likes using the drill this year (last year it was the other boys)
 As you can see the first sheets of drywall, wiring and insulation are going up.

Hello Kalina and Garry !

Getting the last of the roofing cut

Cover your ears!
They tell me the roof cap still needs to go on the long part of the roof and there is some work to do in the attic, but the roof is pretty much finished. They will be tripping over each other... actually some of the team will go work at the inside of the other addition, I think.

Hopefully they are enjoying the two hours in the sauna right now. They were going to do a little sightseeing, shopping before the sauna and dinner out after, maybe go see the famous old oak tree.

Guess I'll vacuum and wash the floor. can't wait until Marcie and Carol arrive on Sunday, I remember how much Carol liked washing the floor... at least she did it every day, sometimes twice!

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