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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Crop report

winter wheat
Well, the corn planter will be in the field tomorrow morning. The guys have been busy spraying and cultivating those fields, and the ones for sunflowers. With the warm temperatures this past week the winter wheat is shooting up and the alfalfa is about a foot tall.

Winter wheat field- same one as last month's photo

 Garry is thinking a little rain and more nice warm weather and they will be doing first cut hay soon and it should be better quality than last year.

One of the new seedings (last year) of alfalfa 
We are getting closer to moving the cows to the "new barn". It only took two years, the electricity was finally in last October but trying to get someone to install the milking equipment took several months. The company that called back started last month and to save on expenses the teams brought some parts from Canada. Garry plans to move them and start milking over there after the last team leaves the first week of May.

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