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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Let's see... rain at 5 am. and then after checking out day three of the cows going past with the village herd just before 7 am  and breakfast, devotions and prayer most of the team were off on a Mennonite tour with Victor at 8:15 am. Garry decided it was too wet to plant corn for a while so he and I went off to buy some more supplies for building, like tile for the floor and bathrooms and the stucco and insulation for the outside of the house.

On the way to Zaporosia we saw the canola was starting to bloom (oh goody, my allergy season is here). We got the stuff delivered (it arrived before 4 pm) and got home at noon, where we discovered Max had the planter out in the field (all the way home Garry had told me he thought it would be too wet) and Carol sitting the house waiting for the power to come back on. She commented that it's very quiet in the village with no electricity, it had gone out around 10:30 am. We had sandwiches for lunch and then Garry was out to the field and the two of us (Carol and I) were off to shop for groceries. The road was holey but I managed to drive to Dnepropetrovsk and back to refill the water bottles and stock up on food for the rest of the week.

Garry had said the power should be on by three, I said four, but when we got home from the store at 4:20 pm, no electricity yet... eventually I made coleslaw and got ready to cook some frozen pimini (meat filled)and potato vereniki  (you may call them perogies) as soon as the power came on. Luckily when the team came back they had had a late lunch and went for a walk in the village. They got back around the time the power came on and I turned on the stove to heat up the water to boil the rest of dinner... it was ten minutes to seven. I knew it would be on before dark!

So it was a late dinner and afterwards I took some food to the boys helping Garry all afternoon, they were filling the planter one last time before he parked it for the night, and they were ready to eat.The boys started eating theirs as soon as they finished work, as they were leaving, I told them I need the containers back if they want more dinner tomorrow.

  I told Garry I had not brought his dinner, but he said he was coming home anyway. He likes his vereniki fried in butter after boiling them, so he get them hot. He had complained it was too difficult to eat while driving across the field the day before.

When I got back some of the guys were already playing cards. I tried resetting the wi-fi because no one had been able to get on the internet since the power had come back on. A few minutes later, some people  were on facetime  talking to their daughter and granddaughter while others caught up on email. I think Doug even had a text actually send !

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