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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wet Wednesday

Garry got up this morning, checked the forecast and went right out to plant corn. Then Max took over and Garry and Doug were up on the roof to get the ridge cap on because the forecast called for rain. Three days of rain, starting in the morning. By ten am a few drops started to fall, but the roof was finished. By one o'clock, Max gave up on planting and by mid-afternoon it had turned into a cool, wet day.

We had lots of visitors however. Darryl and Molly came out for a visit this afternoon (our boss as Garry says, he's our EFCCM area director).

Steve, Jo and the boys were out with their friend Craig for the day. The guys helped out when they arrived around eleven am and Jo helped Carol and I with lunch prep- we had a pile of hot dogs to get the plastic wrappers off and wrapped in dough. They stayed all day and even had a long, wet horse and wagon ride with a guy from the village behind his white horse.
They were smiling when they left on the ride

Jo brought some tasty desserts she made for lunch
everyone will be glad when the insulation is done
The windows were being installed today too (3 guys came to do it)

Fixing up the ceiling ( it will have a drop ceiling to finish it later)

The guys had a bit of fun cutting a hole into apartment three- at right-
later in the day it was squared off

Getting wet

Will this ride ever end?
They managed to get away and Jo and the boys walked to the house to dry out
 The guys (and Marcie) put in a full day of the work at the house despite the rain. They got more drywalling done in apartment #3 (the one Julia says will be hers) Garry even put down some floor tile in a couple bathrooms.

that's a lot of tile

Marcie working on drywall finishing
We expanded the seating for five more by rearranging the tables and had tacos, and mac and cheese as requested by the boys for dinner with chocolate cake made by Carol for dessert; then the Harders drove home to Zaporosia around seven pm and we had our normal evening of games and internet.
Looks different with windows!
Dinner for 17

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  1. Amazing progress!! Say hi to Carl from Eric, Autumn and Orrin!