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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wetter Wednesday

Peter finishing that last wall to build between the apartments
Yeah, last Wednesday was wet, but today it was wetter! It poured for a lot of the day, sometimes it was lighter, almost sprinkles, but it was very wet outside. I took the camera down when I brought morning coffee but not when I took lunch,  which good thing I got soaked right through my raincoat walking back to our house.

One bonus- we filled the cistern with rainwater running off the roof.

The road got a good cleaning, with puddles from one side of the road to the other!

Garry working on another ceiling

even the worms wanted out of the rain!

They continue to make huge strides in the work today. The tile is going down on the floors in a couple rooms with both Tim and Victor working laying tile,  more ceilings are going in, more drywall is being mudded (but it's not drying very fast in this weather), plus more electrical work and Peter finished building that final wall for the Steinbach team- must be why he had to stay the extra week.

The girls at the new house made soup today for lunch because the electricity was supposed to be off at our house today, and they have a working gas stove now.  There was supposed to be a crew working on power lines in the village, but they must not have wanted to work in the pouring rain, because it stayed on all day. Maybe tomorrow...

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