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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday morning

Team Guy Photo before Eugene is gone...
Rear- Roy, Carl, Garry, Wilburt, Wes, Ray
Front- Peter, Chris, Doug and Eugene

After breakfast we were off to church. Garry took Eugene to the airport around noon, then after church we were off on an adventure, the guys and I taking the bus down the hill and then walking through the park and walking to the downtown Puzata Hata restaurant. We got a little behind schedule, we were supposed to go get the car and then Roy and Doug would go with me to pick up their wives at the airport, while the other guys met Victor for touring.

Since we were behind in getting the other guys to lunch after a stop at the art market for a couple souvenirs; I phoned Victor at 1:30 (after putting money on my phone, it was out of minutes, now the team can phone home) and he was just leaving church, but he would be able to get to the airport faster than us and get the girls (Victor had met Carol last year).

The Dnepro rockets

Turned out the plane was delayed about 20 minutes, and landed at two, but Victor was successful in his mission and met us at Puzata Hata as planned ... well the husbands, most of the guys walked down the block with me after eating and relaxing over coffee and bought some Liviv Chocolates.

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