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Friday, April 29, 2016

Walking down the street

I have been walking down the street a lot in the last weeks and you never know what you will see. Lots of chickens and goats, kids and grown ups on bicycles are normal sights, along with the cows coming home in the evening, or going out to pasture in the morning. Yesterday evening I saw a wagon with a two horse team coming up the street toward me at a faster pace than normal. When they got closer I was thinking about how far off the street I wanted to be because the near horse seemed to me to be veering toward my side of the road and looked a little wild-eyed, so I was closer to the cement telephone poles than I normally am, and ready to move if necessary.

The first day for the village herd to go out was on a Sunday when the Steinbach team was here, and there was a heifer that fell off the dam into the pond when they were going over it, and Garry and few of the team helped some of the villagers pull her out after  one of them jumped in and got a rope around her head. Peter told me that his Bible reading that morning was very appropriate; Luke 14:5 about pulling your ox out of a pit on the Sabbath, and this morning he did devotions and told the BC team about it.

Today Peter, on his last work day was assembling cabinets (by five o'clock it seemed everyone was assembling cabinets as you can see) and finishing a few door adjustments, a couple of the pre-done doors had the locks on the wrong side, like the classroom and office doors which had been set so they would lock people in instead of out. The classroom door was locked to keep people from walking on it when the tile was finished. Tomorrow evening we plan to have student church there to christen the classroom. Hopefully the rooms will be ready to paint Saturday, if the drywall is dry enough to be ready for the final sanding.

That;s Victor (in white) and his nephew
Peter will be flying out Saturday afternoon, and Victor P left this evening for Dnepropetrovsk- a relative picked him up, so the team is a little smaller than before. I am sure they will get lots done tomorrow and I even have pizza left over for lunch tomorrow, since they did not eat as much as I expected. Garry and Jeremy were off to Zap for more stuff again tonight, they took a pizza to go.

Everyone else had a more relaxed evening, although they were home earlier than the last two nights.

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