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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jack's back!

In our last post, Garry ended up staying in Dnepropetrovsk from the time he dropped off the four people at the airport around one pm until Jack and the guys arrived at 8:30. He met up with Victor and they went shopping at Epi- Center and bought a pile of stuff, kitchen cabinets, sinks, toilets, electrical and more. He tells me that they were treated well, they even got free coffee and a 10% discount, shopping for lots of stuff at the end of the month is a good thing, apparently for everyone.

Peter and I stayed awake until they arrived, just barely on my part, they got here shortly before eleven pm, and unloaded all the suitcases from Victor's big blue van. After a little chatting and planning everyone went to bed, even Victor, who slept on the couch. Turns out we know a few of Jack's team, Richard was here two years ago, when they did the barn reno, and  he and his son-in-law Matthew was here in 2010 when Jack's team came to stay for a few days when they couldn't leave Ukraine because of the volcano in Iceland. Then there is Victor (not Dantsev), Tim and Jeremy.

By Tuesday morning we had discovered the other Victor, who lives in BC now but is from Dnepro and installed our first satellite dish, snores. Loudly, and he was in the big bedroom with three other guys. Tuesday evening he had the summer kitchen to himself, and everyone seemed happy this (Wednesday) morning. We also found out that the young guy Jeremy doesn't eat oatmeal or milk, so he ate dry cereal for breakfast. So far we have had breakfast at seven am instead of Jack's normal six, because they had another late night yesterday. Today there were muffins, but he still ate the cereal.

The window guys were back to do the sills

Jeremy working on electric

Matthew drywall finishing

Victor tile

Garry, Jack and Max started the classroom ceiling after lunch

Karina and the boys carried out the extra "gypsum cartoom"

Six hours later... one ceiling done

After a full day of work (they had lunch on site) they got back here for dinner after seven pm, ate and most of them jumped in the van with Max and Garry for a trip to Nova Leni and more supplies. They got there a little late and got to the checkout at closing and took a half hour to check out four carts of more building supplies.

By the time they were home Victor was settled in the summer kitchen for the night and Richard and Peter had gone to bed. I was almost there, it was about eleven pm and the four guys still had to shower before bed.


  1. Great to see the work progressing! Everyone is doing such a great job. Team after team, and they are all working together even though they haven't met yet. Very cool the way the Lord brings people together for projects! And Teresa, you really are an amazing lady!

  2. great to see you guys from BEFC working your hearts out, I am praying for you as you serve Him and bless those over there


  3. great to see the BEFC team in action. I will pray for you guys as you continue to be Blessing and give encouragement to our Brethen over there, and next trip will bring a box of Alphabits along!