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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Good morning Saturday

A quick post as I took some photos this morning, but I need to get going on the soup of the day, before it's time to walk down with the coffee at ten am. Remember here in Ukraine we are eight hours ahead of Manitoba.

This morning's breakfast was pretty basic, wheat porridge with all the fixings- Roy brought hemp heart. wheat germ and craisins in his suitcase, plus we have brown sugar (also from Canada) milk fresh from the cows this morning (still a little warm) and walnuts harvested last fall in the yard to top the oatmeal or other rolled grain of the day. I made the normal four pots of coffee, ( I am getting them figured out after almost a week) but they drank less this morning, so some of it's in the carafe for coffeetime.  We had some bulichke (cherry buns) from the store (Victor brought tem Thursday when they were all off to the sauna) and I cut up banana into halves and navel oranges into quarters. No baking or eggs and toast today.
 Then it was time for morning devotions and prayer. Before they all went out the door to the worksite, they decided to get a photo of the five guys with the Enns Bros t shirts on. Ray works there at the John Deere dealer and Roy got shirts for the team to wear plus more to give away. Last year it was CO-OP shirts.

This morning once again, Doug was trying to send a text and it was sending, sending, sending... so if you are his son, check your email because that was working for him. It has become a joke, everyone else has got on the wifi and it's working for them, but Doug is having problems connecting on his iphone, morning or evening.

Garry had to drive into Dnepropetroesk to arrange for the doors to be delivered this moring while the guys got started. The windows may be ready today too. Things are really coming along, wait until they are here for another week.

Well the sun is shining, so I have laundry to hang outside and coffee to take down the street!

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