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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The rest of Saturday

The two girls who stayed overnight were cold
See the previous post for the early morning action. Friday night Karina had decided on guard duty at the house, the boys had done the previous nights since the supplies arrived. I think Leila stayed with her, I brought down another blanket and some hot water for coffee at 8 pm because it was pretty cold, with the wind blowing hard and no windows in yet, even though they had set up the little mattress and blankets in the drywalled closet with no windows. She told me at ten am she was still cold and did not sleep, and wanted a nap, but had to help with milking at one o'clock.
Wilbert cutting the metal profile

Wes working in apartment #3

Two of my helpers carrying the big soup pot to the worksite
Chili today, some of the kids thought it was spicy, but none of the Canadians

Doug found a seat today
Almost everyone had a seat
Garry got back just as we finished lunch, there was some lef
 Garry arrived back from his trip to Dnepro, successful in getting the doors delivered (of course they showed up after 6 pm instead of three.
After lunch everyone was back to work, a couple of the girls helped me carry the empty stuff back, we met Sasha who was leaving work at the farm and going to the house so the girls talked him into coming back to the house so he could wash his hands and eat "spicy borscht". He didn't think it was too spicy since he had seconds.

Three o'clock and it's off the the store, conveniently, it' right across the street

The girls have picked their ice cream bars
It's a little crowded in here...

The lady in yellow speaks English well... finally they found a clerk for us!

Wilbert picking a treat from the cooler

Sasha sharing his ice cream with Polo
Garry and Eugene was the last ones out of the store

 Afternoon snack time has become got the store for pop and ice cream for this team since its so close (and it saves me from making a coffee and cookie run a second time), but once its gone, it's back to work...
Eugene's last day and he is taping and mudding

 They started taping and mudding the drywall after lunch in the office and storage closet, meanwhile there is still more walls going up, insulation and drywall, and electrical lines being strung.
Sasha loves the drill

Ray was showing these neighborhood boys his photos from Israel, where he was before coming here.

Later in the day they took him and Chris on a tour of the village.
Garry cutting insulation

...and putting it up

Wilbert and Peter building walls

Doug working in apartment # 3

Max on the outside of #3- they are fixing the cracked walls

Looking a little different, windows coming Wednesday

 The neighborhood kids are wearing hats today, there's still a brisk wind blowing today, even though it was sunny.

The guys started coming back shortly after four pm and got cleaned up, Most of the guys went to student church with us, a couple went for a walk, unloaded the doors with the help of the little boys who took them for the tour of the village.

Singing at student church

Singing in Russian

Leila singing from a Christian songbook

Some of the guys trying the blini after church

Afterwards, we had homemade pizza back at the house and watched some of the first season of Get Smart on DVD.

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