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Thursday, April 14, 2016

More photos

The internet wasn't working all that well earlier in the week so here are a few more photos.

  For the returning members of the team, Eugene, Roy and Wilbert seeing the old students was exciting and it was fun meeting the new ones.

Thursday should be the last day on the roof, there is just the ridge cap and last section to finish. Garry bought regular steel rather than the fancy stuff he used last year so it would be easier to put on.

The guys will be working in the morning and then going to Zaporosia for a tour, souvenir shopping, a sauna visit and dinner, while I relax at home.
Peter and Doug building walls

 Coffee time, this year I am not making tea, no one drank it day one. The students will always take coffee because it is too expensive to buy or have at the group home.

Wilburt hard at work

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  1. Hi! Thanks for posting pictures of this team. Carl Dueck is my dad, and I know he is loving this - working with his hands like this. It's great to see all the pictures! Melissa