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Sunday, April 10, 2016

They're here!

The rest of the team arrived shortly after 2 pm from Vienna. Ray and I went to the airport, where we met Victor.  It did take a couple minutes for Doug to clear customs, they were worried about all the shoes in his suitcase to give away, and made him fill out a form. Victor drove most of the guys out to the village, with a stop at a Puzata Hata for a late lunch.Some of the guys tried cherry veriniki, and were impressed.

Two of the guys went with me back to pick up Garry, who was teaching English, and we got to the village about 5 minutes after the blue van, with Garry driving. We could have been faster if he hadn't stopped to buy pastry and donuts for after dinner.

Garry took all the guys on a two hour walking tour of the village and the project before sandwiches. They are planning for oatmeal at 7 am in the morning before devotions and starting work on the roof I think.

A couple of the guys did play a couple rounds of Jokers while others got ready for bed, and hunted for suitcases and things in them.

Wait updates of the progress...

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  1. Looking forward to following the updates well everyone from steinbach is out there .