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Thursday, April 21, 2016


Thanks to Carol who handled the food, laundry and cleaning at the house today, I was able to join the team working at the house and put up some wall tile in the small (toilet) bathroom off the new classroom.

The day started cool, but the rain had stopped overnight. Even though the clouds were dark at times, there was only a few drops and one five minute shower in the afternoon. However, after lunch it got colder. Garry tells me there was even some ice pellets falling one time.

Since it was clear, Garry and Doug started the insulation project outside. They had some help in the afternoon, and pretty much finished the front. Wilburt was mixing their "clay" adhesive as needed (it seemed it was often), along with helping Peter install doors.

Carl was cleaning up the windows of loosed bricks and bits to get them ready for dry-walling.
 Ray (on his last day of work) Roy and Wes were working on finishing the walls in that third apartment, Chris and Marcie continued with drywall mudding and finishing in that area and other rooms.

We had a break midday, Max Rudei had invited us for dinner at noon to celebrate Vika's second birthday (sorry I forgot my camera) His wife Yulia had cooked up a banquet feast for us. Little Vika was a little shy, but she really liked Wilburt.

Chris,  Marcie and Ray

 We worked until the cows came home at six pm. They have been going out for a few days now and are much more orderly than the first day or two.

It was a cold walk home if you didn't get a ride in the car (Marcie and I did). Carol had worked hard all day, but she had an upset stomach and didn't join us for the dinner she'd made.
Ray with his little buddies and the "guard" he made in the window

Walking home to dinner

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