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Monday, April 11, 2016

Getting started

The team was mostly up and ready to go before the scheduled 7 am breakfast, we may make it earlier tomorrow! In fact, some of them were awake at 2 am, 4 am... hopefully they make it through the day.

I forgot the camera when I took coffee down the street for 10 am, but I remembered it when Garry sent three girls to help me walk lunch down to the worksite. They got here a little early and jumped in to help finish the sandwich making, Oksana peanut buttered all the bread that had not got turned into kolbasa and cheese ones. She helped me carry the big pot of soup- with a tray of peanut butter sandwiches on top- while the other two girls had heavy bags with all the other sandwiches, drinks, plastic bowls, spoons, and other necessities. maybe I'll need more girls tomorrow.

The guys are doing three things today, moving the support beams so they will be (mostly) inside the walls...

taking the sheiffer (old roofing) off- and trying to save it since everyone in the village seems to want it, because the new stuff they sell is not the same size, so you need used for repairs)...

and putting up the framework for the (inside) outer walls. Once the beams are secure they will start forming the rooms.

The two male group home parents and most of the students who are not working are down at the worksite, the boys are helping with the building and the girls are cleaning bricks up. I think there were 28 for lunch.

 Well. I'd better get back to work, it will be coffeetime again in an hour, and dinner three hours later, I need to do a little chopping and maybe even make dessert. The guys will be tired after a full day of work. Only 11 for dinner, it's like I am home cooking for the boys.

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  1. Oh Teresa... I feel for you, but I will be there soon to help. Yahoo!!