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Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday - a small pause before we start again

Today it was just Peter and I working at the site, although Marcie, Doug, Carol and Roy all dropped in before leaving for the airport with Garry around 11 am. I did finish the tiling and was home by 12:30. Peter walked back for lunch around one, I had warmed up some left over tacos from last week as a casserole.

Around two it started to sprinkle, so I brought in the sheets that Carol had hung out before leaving, the rest of the laundry went on the rack or in the dryer (depended on how much I wanted it) and by six o'clock the rain was coming down pretty hard. I caught some for Garry's plants (he has some pepper plants started on the windowsill).

Peter got three doors hung with no one to bother  interrupt him today. Unfortunately he told me the last one he did was the door to the bathroom I had finished tiling a few hours before and one of my tiles must have fallen because of the vibration of his drill and it broke, so I have more tiling to do now.

Garry planned to order some more supplies for the reno and then come home before going back to Dnepropetrovsk to meet Jack's team, but it took so long he stayed there. I have everything ready for them, but honestly, it was mostly Carol and Marcie, they got most of the sheets washed and remade the beds on Saturday.

In the morning it's sure to be breakfast at six am so I may slow down on the blogging this week. Did not take any photos today, so no pictures... except one of Peter and Needles on the couch tonight.

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  1. Sweet photo. You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)