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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three Teams

So for everyone who was confused by the three building teams this spring, here is a little primer.

Team one, the Family team

Garry's father John, brother Tom, Garry our daughter-in-law Crystal, and son Micah

March 16th - March 30th, April 3rd
Built and finished the outside of the two room addition on the original girls house
Micah- Pour cement floor of new reno

Team two-
Steinbach EEFC (our home church)

April 7th - 17th, 23rd, 25th, 30th

Will start arriving tonight with Ray, the rest of the male members of the team arrive Sunday afternoon, Eugene, who is a returning member can only stay one week, Most of the team will be here about two weeks, one will stay and meet team three.
The ladies (two wives)  come the following week for 10 days.

This team will put the new roof on, and build interior walls and drywall at the new reno, and likely build walls and drywall the addition also. Maybe install bathrooms, since we have a plumber coming.

Team three-
Jack's team from BC

April 25th- May 2nd?

Will continue the renovation

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