As for me and my house we will serve the Lord....

Sunday, May 1, 2016


The guys continued to work on tile setting,  drywall finishing, electric  and cabinet assembly while I left them on their own for lunch (there was leftover Pizza) so I could drive Peter into the airport in Dnepropetroesk. I was going to pick up the car when I brought the coffee - Peter carried the bag for me, but Garry had to change a tire first.

Garry finished doing the ceilings and he was putting the leftovers away for next time when we got there. He also hired a guy from the village to stucco the outside of the house.

Jeremy (he's 22, if you are wondering)





Peter and I had a trouble free trip into the city and got some lunch before going to the airport. Afterwards I picked up some groceries and met Victor to buy some fridges and stoves for the apartments... and a few other essentials like a ping pong table for the new classroom. It will all be delivered on Monday.

In the evening we held student church in the new classroom.

  Jack had borrowed some guitars and he and Tim played. They got Garry to lead his favorite song in English, This is Amazing Grace. Maria translated for Matthew who gave a short testimony and then Jack spoke before the student choir sang. Afterwards there was refreshments.
Matthew gave his testimony

The new doors were installed during church, it was only a little noisy.

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