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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hay and other things

Garry is keeping busy, it's the last week of classes, so he and Maria are busy giving exams every morning and they are trying to bale hay. They did 1000 small square bales and put them in the mow yesterday. That was about 12 acres I think he said, and there is about a hundred this year in alfalfa. He was hoping to get some round baler today, if the guy comes and it doesn't rain. He said that the new mower that came in the container is working wonderfully. No new photos of haymaking yet.

They finished planting the corn and sunflowers today. The last piece that they got this spring to rent needed a lot of work, there a lot of trash- or stalks from the last crop on it. They did more hay and are spraying the corn fields for weeds.

In other news, he is trying to get a new Ukrainian passport or permanent resident passport I guess you'd call it since he keeps it in a handy passport cover with his Canadian one, which he still has not found. It was Ira's birthday yesterday, click on the bird photo to link to the other Blog for a post.

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